My Favorite Fall Things: Exfoliating Lip Balms, Hydrating Bath Oils, Warm Scents & Skincare Musts

My Favorite Fall Things: Exfoliating Lip Balms, Hydrating Bath Oils, Warm Scents & Skincare Musts

There’s no denying the beauty of transition—the seasons of fall and spring are no exception. Although brief, they offer a time to reset our mind, body, and surroundings. We change our clocks. We exchange our comforters. We swap out our home decor. We adjust our wardrobes. You get the idea!

While you’re turning your sandals in for the year, don’t forget about your beauty routine. Specifically, focus on moisturizing. You can bet those cooler temps, hot furnace, and autumn chill quickly wreak havoc on your complexion. For me, The Fresh Start Face Oil is a must for my face, neck and hands—but hydration doesn’t stop there. That’s why I’m linking all of my favorite transitional products of fall below, including some must-read posts from our blog. Keep scrolling!

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My Favorite Fall Things

  1. Vanilla Lip Exfoliator $13 – Chilly weather means chapped lips! This plumping lip exfoliator uses fine sugar crystals to slough off dry skin and soothing shea butter to moisturize.
  2. Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment $26 – Wake up to a visibly renewed pout! Like a facial for your lips, this overnight balm eliminates dry, flaky skin while drawing in moisture.
  3. Hippie Stick $32 – Harsh winds and cranked thermostats are no match for Hippie Stick! Apply this barrier balm onto your face, body, hair, or anywhere in need of moisture.
  4. Probiotic Hand Balm $24 – Enhanced with natural probiotics and plant-based emollients, this hydrating moisturizer improves skin tone, elasticity and texture for the cooler months ahead. 
  5. Exfoliating Reboot Foot Peel $14 – Suffer from cracked heels every year? Use this scientifically formulated foot treatment to reveal softer, healthier feet after one treatment.
  6. Santal Gray Eau de Parfum $98 – A change of seasons calls for a change of fragrance. This warm, uplifting perfume includes notes of sandalwood, violet leaf, musk and cardamom.
  7. Olverum Bath Oil $55 – It’s officially bath season! Light some candles, ease stress and wind down your day with this luxurious, aromatic blend of carefully selected essential oils.
  8. Pre-Bath Oil $35 – Suffer from seasonal dry skin? This clinically proven pre-bath oil deeply nourishes, locking in hydration and preventing irritation. Cold weather never stood a chance!
  9. The Fresh Start Face Oil $65 – Give your complexion a boost of moisture this fall. Our antioxidant-rich vitamin C oil visibly brightens and evens tone, for that fabled glow.

What are some of your favorite things for fall? Tell us in the comments below!


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