Approachable skincare with real results .

The truth? Many of us use products that are too strong, too harsh or with too many active ingredients.

The more you use, layer and cover up... the worse your skin can get because everything you do impacts your skin barrier’s health. Consistency with skincare vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 (Niacinaimde) is great but if you make it complicated, you won’t stick with it, especially if you are low-maintenance like myself.
We create gentle, well-made products that give the skin what it needs, when it needs it— no more, no less.

We don’t follow trends. We only use ingredients that are clinically proven to work with your skin, not change it. Pure, potent, multitasking skin care that takes very little effort. Using less but better quality ingredients. Our skincare is designed to stop controlling your skin and simply allow it to function better.

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Simple is better for your skin and for our planet.

We are dedicated to sustainability at Otto Skin Goods. In addition to sourcing packaging, bottles and shipping materials that are recyclable and environmentally friendly, we source ethical ingredients and craft our products in small batches for less waste. You can feel good knowing that your own commitment to minimal skincare is creating a minimal impact for our world, too.

Supporters of slow beauty and growth

We hand-pick influencers to actually use our products and like them before posting.

We are slowly growing our social media following with thoughtful content, educational blogs and purposeful interaction.

We choose models that represent real life, many of which are personal friends.

We are careful with our language and try to take a positive, encouraging view of beauty and age. We are not into anti-aging, overnight results, empty promises or unrealistic claims.

Family-owned and made in the USA, and supporting others like that, too

When it comes to almost all of our business needs, we strive to support other local and small businesses whenever possible. We seek out local designers, web builders, packaging, and work with many local spas, small skincare shops and estheticians.