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“The oil is lightweight and has left my typically sensitive skin hydrated and clear. The citrus scent smells fantastic and is easily one of my favorite and most effective parts of my skin care routine.”

- Lindsay

“The Fresh Start face oil has been a game changer for me. It has been one of the few skin care products I use that actually made a positive change in my skin. It didn’t take long at all for my skin to feel soft and supple each morning after application.”

- Shauna

“I have searched high and low for products that contain only ingredients I can trust while also proving to be effective...a difficult combination to find. This oil is just that.”

- Devon

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After years in dermatology as a nurse practitioner, Sarah Otto learned about clinical-grade ingredients used to achieve healthy skin. But after becoming a busy mom to four energetic children, she wanted a skincare routine that fit into her active lifestyle. Overwhelmed with choices, multiple steps and ingredient overload, Sarah realized that complicated rarely produced healthy.

Determined to find a solution, she created Otto Skin Goods—a skincare line expertly formulated with simple, healthy plant-based ingredients and efficacy as its first priority. Otto focuses on minimizing the routine to just a few achievable steps. The result is a fresh and efficient daily routine to help nourish and maintain skin health.

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Get the scoop on all of our products, plus learn more about this little thing we like to call single note formulating (trust us, it’s a game-changer in the skincare world).

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"Otto is also a firm believer in concise placement of active ingredients and doesn’t inject an active ingredient, however great, into a product unless it’s optimal in it."

- Faye Brookman, Beauty Independent