Skip the Shipping: Shop Otto Skin Goods at These 4 Beauty Retailers

Skip the Shipping: Shop Otto Skin Goods at These 4 Beauty Retailers

As a small brand, we scrutinize every ingredient, every source, every bottle and all the testing that goes into every product to ensure safety. Quality is everything to a small business like Otto—and that includes the retailers who carry our products.

All of our retailers offer products you can trust, supporting skincare education and prioritizing a healthy skincare routine for your individual needs. These beauty retailers help you feel safe shopping for healthy, results-driven skincare brands that align with your values. Many of the brands these retailers carry are small businesses, independently and women-owned, vegan, cruelty free, formulated for sensitive skin, utilize sustainable packaging and so much more.

The bottom line? These retailers are passionate about skin health, wellness and helping you become more knowledgeable about choosing skincare that’s best for your needs. Keep scrolling to learn more about our retailers and where to visit them in person!

FIELD Botanicals | Augusta, GA

Winner of the 2022 Beauty Independent Beacon Award for Small Retailer

Founder Jennifer Tinsley created FIELD with the vision to provide you with effective, clean beauty products from indie brands. Why indie? Indie, or independent, brands are built on inspiration and love, as well as a desire to educate people on the importance of high quality, effective clean ingredients.

FIELD products are formulated with blends of plant oils, botanical infusions and extracts, plant based additives, and clean synthetics. They consult the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics database and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Red Listed Chemicals when vetting brands and products—so you’ll never find parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, or silicones in anything they sell. Products also are required to be cruelty free and vegan, which means they don’t carry bee-sourced ingredients, such as beeswax. Lastly, they ensure all brands follow FDA regulations and list all ingredients on their packaging by INCI name and in order of percentage.

Stop by in person or shop online.

The Indie Shelf | Philadelphia, PA

The Shopkeepers Best Shops of 2022 List

The Indie Shelf is an independent and woman-owned natural beauty shop located in Philadelphia that curates unique, innovative, and effective brands from around the world.

The Indie Shelf launched in spring of 2019 as a space for natural beauty enthusiasts and independent brands from around the world to come together. After founder Sabeen Zia launched her lipstick brand, Muskaan, she wanted to create a shop that supported small business owners, while also giving customers the opportunity to invest in brands and products that aren’t found at a local drugstore or large retailer—from skincare, haircare, fragrance, cosmetics, tools and accessories, candles, dental care, baby care, men's care, and even pet care.

Stop by in person or visit their website.

à la main | Glen Ellyn, IL

À la main translates to "by hand" in French. They source the cleanest products that are safe, simple, effective and eco-conscious. Their products are hand-crafted and formulated with the purest, simplest and most effective ingredients that are truly safe for mind, body, home and wellness. All à la main products are made with certified organic ingredients when possible and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. They also carefully curate their collection by sourcing in only clean and eco-friendly companies from as many small, women owned businesses and brands as they can. Through the à la main refillery, you are able to refill your favorite products time and time again with ease—reducing waste in the process.

Their main purpose and mission is to empower and provide you with clean-living products while focusing on reducing waste in the process. They believe that beauty and simplicity in your home and personal care products will greatly improve your well-being.

Stop by in person or shop online.

Whole Foods Market | Midwest Region

Whole Foods seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintains the strictest quality standards in the industry, and has an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Their purpose is to nourish people and the planet. They’re a purpose-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market.

As one of the most strictly cultivated skincare assortments, Whole Foods Market was instrumental in creating the clean beauty movement, proving over and over that healthy can also be effective. I can’t walk into the Whole Body section at my local Whole Foods Market without one of their friendly and informed Whole Body team members offering to help and giving the best advice.

Find a store near you or order online.

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