The Best Luxury Bath Products to Encourage Self-Love

The Best Luxury Bath Products to Encourage Self-Love

PSA: It’s February, which means the month of love is officially upon us (swooning!). Even if you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with, think of this as your excuse to make time for a little self-care!

Enter: life-changing bath products.

If you know me, you know I’m all about quick-and-easy skincare staples to maintain skin health, but sometimes it’s okay to take a little more time to relax and rejuvenate with some more luxurious bath rituals.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got your back!

I searched high and low for the most calming, indulgent bath products I could find to give your delicate winter skin a little more love in the tub (sans significant other—or not 😉). Keep scrolling for my top nine picks to make your bath time rituals more pampered and restful for your best skin yet.


Whoever said bath oils are a thing of the 90s clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Case in point: Olverum Bath Oil—a unisex bath oil uniquely made from an aromatic blend of ten essential oils (yep, you read that right: ten). This natural oil works to create a truly relaxing and uplifting experience for your body and mind, while also moisturizing your skin. Oh-so-therapeutic, Olverum’s magical bath oil may also help to reduce stress and promote a restorative sleep.


One part super-rich moisturizer, one part luxury skin refiner, equal parts amazing. This au naturale body oil features facial-grade ingredients blended specifically for the body (Translation? It’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin types!). An ultra-concentrated combination of Vitamin C Ester, papaya enzymes and organic shea oil deeply hydrate and gently exfoliate for smooth, dewy, and beautifully scented skin. See for yourself!


Who needs champagne when you’ve got this beautiful bottle of bubbly by your side? This have-to-have bubble bath means serious business, thanks to its mounds of bubbles enriched with conditioning humectant glycerin, revitalizing sakura and noni extracts. Oh, and don’t forget about that soft, floral fragrance (who needs real roses, anyway?).


Pretty packaging? Check! Life-changing fragrance? Check! I’ll save you the research: this ZADOR Almond Clementine bar soap has it all. Think: skin-soothing effects that leave your complexion soft to the touch with a trace of its fresh, light citrus scent. Cancel your plans for the evening—this soap is calling your name.


Where the fresh, citrusy-sweet scent of lychee meets your most luxurious bath yet. These adorable cubes contain real brown sugar (this is not a drill!), historically used in folk medicine to treat cuts and wounds to speed up the healing process. Bicarbonate of soda creates effervescent massaging bubbles that are superb for removing dead skin cells. Pop a few in a bath, and melt daily stress away. Better than a box of candy? You be the judge...


Is there anything Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do? Proof: this Goop detox bath soak made with glacial marine clay and activated charcoal. After a long stressful day, drop a scoop of this in your bath to cleanse your body and remove impurities—from modern pollution to plain-ol’ yucky grime. The result? Emerge feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on anything.


With its convenient, lightweight packaging and fast-absorbing yet rich formula, this Henné Luxury Hand Cream makes the perfect little travel companion. But for your self-love purposes this month, I highly recommended slathering some on after a soak in the tub. No oil or greasy messes here!


Is there anything better than a skin soufflé? I mean, the name alone is enough to have me swooning. Even better, this ultra-luxurious, incredibly nourishing soufflé has been formulated to hydrate and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, with each ingredient chosen for its unique properties, and sourced from around the world. Plus, this blend will leave your skin feeling revitalized, deeply hydrated and pampered. Simply massage into skin after your self-love bath to get the most out of your moisturizing experience. It’ll be love at first swipe.


Made with simple ingredients, the Fresh Start Face Oil brightens and will visibly even your complexion with ease. Using a beauty-food blend of essential Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich fruit oils, this quick-to-absorb oil helps to soften and smooth for that fabled glow. Oh, and don’t shy away from using this as a facial massage or luxurious hand oil, either!


See any luxurious bath products I missed? Leave a comment below telling me your all-time fave!


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