The Only Skincare Experts You Should Be Following On Instagram

The Only Skincare Experts You Should Be Following On Instagram

After years in dermatology as a nurse practitioner, you would think that my Instagram feed would be bursting at the seams with beauty brands, doctors, gurus, or any other account related to my skincare obsession. Well, I have a confession to make: many of these accounts don’t make the cut for my follow.

If you’re a skincare nerd like me, it’s easy to fall into the trap of serial-following any person who pops up as an expert. After all, you want to get your paws on anything useful to your craft—trends, breaking news, ingredient know-hows, you name it. But how can we tell if these “experts” actually know what they’re talking about?

The beauty of Instagram is that it allows everyone to have a voice. The problem, on the other hand, lies in a lot of misinformation taken as truth.

The Internet is a scary place, my friends. That’s why I’ve gathered six of my favorite skincare gurus for you to follow on Instagram, risk-free. These trustworthy accounts have made it through my rigorous test, which means they’re ready for your follow as soon as possible.

6 Trustworthy Skincare Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

Ever wonder about the correlation between acne and sweets? Maybe you find yourself regularly scouring the web for some before and after photos of your favorite skincare products (guilty!). Rejoice, skincare nerds! These six accounts have your name written all over them. So, let the beauty obsession live on. Follow along below to find out who to follow on your phone.

acid skin care instagram post

@acidskincare: Brought to you by the cosmetic dermatology society, this account is packed full of simple, straight-forward charts with handy skincare advice. Acid will help you understand ingredients and common skin issues like acne, sensitive skin and barrier repair. It also highlights dietary advice, which will improve your overall wellness and give you that healthy glow from the inside out.

feelinmyskin instagram post

@feelinmyskin: Founded by couple Halina and Andrew, their goal is to develop a skincare app that provides all of their great content, right at your fingertips! This account has great information—from how to incorporate active ingredients into your skincare routine to ingredient highlights and nasty ingredients to avoid (hint, hint: they agree that skincare needs preservatives to make it safe...some very sound advice, in my opinion!). I love this account, not only because it’s concise and relevant, but because Halina has been there, done that with her own skin issues and wants to help us all with everything she’s learned along the way.

chemist confessions instagram account

@chemist.confessions: Founded by two skincare chemists, who really need to confess that they’re tired of all the BS—they wanna talk about the science behind skincare, gosh darnit! This account combines adorable and whitty graphics with sound information and advice. Is a certain product worth all the hype? What’s the actual science behind ingredient claims, and the actual results? They’ve started their own skincare brand and are firm believers of transparency, which is why they list all active ingredient percentages on their products! We love this, and do the same on our website!

skinchemy instagram post

@skinchemy: This account was created by a fellow self-acclaimed skincare nerd (we can totally relate). Skinchemy will help the skincare novice (that’s you) figure out which active ingredients to use for certain skin issues and how to combine them safely and effectively. In addition, this account also contains many helpful and light-hearted posts such as how to pick a lipstick for date night and if jade rollers are a major scam (spoiler alert: save your money). Check this one out—you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and her message to everyone? “Love your skin. It’s the only one you have.” Can’t argue with that!

re_issue instagram post

@re_issue: This account encourages you to rate the products you’ve tried in order to discover the right ones for your skin. Passionate about treating fungal acne, they also talk specific ingredients and products to treat certain skin issues. The best thing about this account is that they recommend actual products for your specific skin needs. They also recommend similar products for competing price points, which is always a win-win!

lab muffin beauty science instagram post

@labmuffinbeautyscience: Michelle, a chemistry PhD located in Sidney, Australia is all about myth and truth, which is a breath of fresh air in this confusing and oversaturated skincare space! She not only helps you understand skincare ingredients, but how to pronounce them, too! She’s even introduced us to new terms such as science-washing! I love her how-to videos, product recs and flawless skin! Check her out, she is sure not to disappoint!


Oh, and hey! My brand @ottoskingoods isn’t too shabby either. In it, you’ll find ingredient spotlights, helpful graphs, in-depth blog post updates (like this one!), and educational info about my products. We’ll call this one a bonus number seven on our list.

Did I miss any Instagram accounts you swear by? Not sure about one on your feed? Leave a comment below!


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