Weekend Project: Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Weekend Project: Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

You’ve probably heard the news by now that spring is less than five days away (but who’s counting?). If you haven’t, surprise! This time of year always motivates me to reduce and refresh. KonMari? I’m all about it, and will happily drink the Kool-Aid to my heart’s content. In fact, I’ve already been cleaning my home for the past few weeks, purging and eliminating unnecessary toys, clothing and anything else I can get my hands on. I’m a lean, mean cleaning machine and nothing will stand in my way.

Now that I’ve reached the bathroom—aka, the keeper of all expired products and loose hair ties—I figured it was a great time to give it a little TLC, and keep it that way. In addition to a good scrubbing and bleaching sesh, it’s time to tackle the #1 thing we care about most here at Otto Skin Goods: your skincare routine. Because a new season calls for some editing (don’t worry, I have a few tips and tricks to help you out).

Time to Purge

First things first, get rid of any expired products collecting dust on your shelves (give it a whiff, I dare you). Also, don’t be afraid to give never-been-used creams and serums the heave-ho, along with any of your “but I promise I’ll use it one day” excuses. Trash it. This is also a good time to clean brushes and tools you use on your skin (here’s a useful how-to). Next, update eye and lip colors with fresh, in-season options. No need to commit right away—you can purchase a sample first to make sure you like it before buying the full size.

Overall, the main focus of this purge is to eliminate steps in your routine you no longer find necessary. For example, I never use toner or moisturizer. Instead, I simply use a face oil. Which reminds me: invest in serums. They’re a great way to get more bang for your buck, because they’re packed with high percentages of active ingredients. Not to mention, their light, gel-like texture absorbs quickly and efficiently. They also target many skin issues with just one quick step.

Speaking of simplifying...

Let’s Get Down to the Basics

As in, you need to simplify, stat. Start by reducing your routine to only the essentials. That new face mask you’ve had your eye on? Keep it in your shopping cart for now. I know it’s tempting to jump on the latest trend, face mask or super serum, but it’s way more important to consider your skin’s actual needs over what’s trending.

Before you hit the “submit” button on that online order, ask yourself this question first: are you dehydrated, sun-damaged or acne-prone? Forget the pretty packaging (although, that’s always a bonus)—you should be solely focusing on the active, plant-based ingredients that will treat your major skin issues. Here’s a quick guide to keep it simple (psst...as a good rule of thumb, avoid layering more than three products on your skin at a time):

  1. Dehydration: Look for products with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, plant oils (like marula or avocado) and antioxidants
  2. Sun Damage: Look for products with vitamin C, bearberry extract, AHAs, rosehip seed oil and antioxidants
  3. Acne: Look for products with niacinamide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, fruit acids, gluconolactone, retinol and sulfur
  4. Fine Lines/Wrinkles: Look for products with vitamin C, AHAs, retinol, peptides and antioxidants

Add the SPF

Buh-bye winter blues, helloooo spring sunshine! Longer days mean more daylight, which means you’ll need to start thinking about improving your skin protection game. Make sure you’re using a tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 15, daily. Another non-negotiable? If you’re going to be out in direct sunlight, slather on some SPF 30. Period, end of sentence. My favorite brand right now is Supergoop! Also, if you’re worried you’ll miss out on that summer glow, try using a mild self-tanner. We have a major crush on Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops.

What else are you tossing this spring? Bridesmaid dresses from the 90s? Your ex-boyfriend’s old toothbrush? Share in the comments. Now, let’s bring on the good weather!


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