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"I've been using Otto Skin Goods for 2.5 years and hands down, it is one of the best things that ever happened to me and my skincare regimen. I am a huge fan of the Go Getter Serum and I apply it daily. On the few occasions I've ran out of the product, I can most definitely tell a difference. My skin craves this serum and I can't imagine life without it...I know that's dramatic, but that is just the honest truth!" — Candace Read

"As I’ve aged I have realized the value in simplifying most everything, but especially my skincare routine. I am often hesitant to start new products but after hearing about Otto Skin Goods for so long, I had to give it a try, and I don’t regret it one single bit. The Go-Getter has absolutely become my favorite product of all time." — Cris

"Otto Skin Goods serums and face oil completely helped to rescue my skin when it started freaking out during the pandemic! I know I can rely on their products to leave me skin glowing, soft and bright after every use. I cannot recommend them enough."
— Amber

"Otto Skin Goods has revolutionized my approach to skin care. Fewer products, high quality ingredients and a simple routine is all you need. My skin is brighter, my complexion is even, and the best is the glow and bounce my skin finally has back! The results are fast, and the long-lasting benefits are incredible!" — Abby

"I've been using Otto Skin Goods since March of 2020 and if you know me, you know skincare is not my forte. I can be lazy and forgetful when it comes to treating my skin right, so finding Otto was a huge win! Using Otto is simple, quick and leaves my skin with a dewy glow that, in my opinion, is unmatched!" — Maia

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Fantastic cleanser

I love the smell and feeling of this cleanser. My face feels great after 4 weeks of use. No negative reactions at all. I also love the fact that the product is natural and good for my body. Highly

The Staples Sample Trio
Jodie Anderson
Great for travel!

I love the smaller size of this product! I was able to leave my bigger bottles at home and just take the sample trio with me on vacation. And my skin has never felt better than it has using this product!

The Good Day Face Cleanser
Kathy Muehlbauer
So fresh and clean

This face wash smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and not tight.

Smooth skin

The multitasker skin serum glides on softly and my skin feels smoother.

The Routine

The Routine

The Routine
Beth Stropes

The Routine

So luxurious!

I love this face oil! It’s so moisturizing without feeling heavy. And it smells wonderful!

Love it!

Love the smell and my skin feels super clean and fresh!

The Good Day Face Cleanser
Alexander McFarland
Great products

Otto skin goods is the best!

The Staples Sample Trio
Alexander McFarland

Great Products!

I have been using this cleanser for about 8 months, and my skin feels continues to feel clean yet supple and hydrated after each use. One bottle of this cleanser lasts a long time and is worth every penny!

The Routine
Nikki Ramming
Love the products!

I’ve been using the routine for a few weeks and my face feels clean and adequately moisturized.

My favorite simple and sustainable routine

I’ve been using the routine for years now and I’m obsessed! I’ve always liked to roll out of bed and start my day and love how easy this routine is to follow in less than a few minutes each morning and night. I have seen a huge difference in my skin glowiness and texture since I started. Even when I had hormonal acne, I added one product to the routine and it still worked great for my skin. I’m also huge into sustainability and their products are made mostly of glass and then all recyclable packaging (even shipping materials) which I absolutely love. Highly recommend.

Amazing Product

It’s hard to describe why the good day face cleanser is so much better than other cleansers I’ve used in the past. It actually feels like it clears my skin of the daily grime and makeup in a way no other cleanser had. It feels truly clean. Then after an application of the multitasker night serum my skin feels softer than ever. I hesitated to purchase this cleanser because it was more than I had traditionally spent. I’m happy to say it is well worth it!

Amazing product

I am a skincare minimalist. I research the ingredients and only want what’s necessary for my skin. This product is amazing. I’ve never felt so good in my skin than I do now since using Otto Skin Goods for the last 2 years.

The Routine
Elizabeth Moyo
Best skin care products!

I love The Routine. It is the only routine simple enough for me to follow and makes my skin look and feel great. I can’t even pick a favorite product in The Routine because they are all great and work well together.

The best skin care 😊

I’ve been using Otto Skin Goods for over 2 years and my skin has never looked better.

My skin has never felt better!

Delicious scent, gentle clean

I love this cleanser! I’m currently on my second bottle. Just one pump creates a rich, hydrating lather. This cleanser eliminated the need for makeup remover prior to cleansing—it takes all my makeup off without stripping my skin. It smells like fresh berries and I love the glass bottle.

The Routine
Maureen Flanagan

I’m on a mission to simplify life and use only the essentials. With these products, I can do just that with skin care. My esthetician complimented my skin after regularly using these products since my last visit!

The Good Day Face Cleanser

The Routine
Colleen Marocco

The Routine

Our Seattle Family Favorite!

I just received my Good Day Face Cleanser in the mail..THANK GOODNESS! This is my go to skin cleansing product...not only for me but also for my 12 year old daughter. I love that it is gentle enough for her skin, yet effective enough for mine. We love the subtle berry scent, light bubbles that remove makeup & plant based ingredients that I can feel good about for both of our faces. Our skin feels squeaky clean & never tight or dry. Seattle Love's Otto Skin Goods!!!!

The Good Day Face Cleanser


I can’t say enough! I have never used anything on my face that has made it feel so good! I am allergic to EVERYTHING it seems and this cleanser is so gentle yet allows you to see and feel like you’re taking care of your skin. I have not had one itchy reaction at all. I am in love!