Hello, Sunshine! Here’s How to Achieve a Clear, Bright Complexion this Spring

Hello, Sunshine! Here’s How to Achieve a Clear, Bright Complexion this Spring

Now that March is almost to an end, it’s time to start thinking about spring. Cue the excitement! The weather is finally starting to let up a bit, and if you’re anything like our family, the countdown is on for plenty of outdoor activities—especially during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus. Needless to say, we are majorly looking forward to some warm weather and getting out of our old routine for some much-needed fun in the sun.

All that being said, the sudden change in climate combined with a more intense sun exposure can often bring some unwanted flare-ups to your skin. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Keep reading for my four tried-and-true tricks and tips to keep your skin looking clear, fresh and bright during this seasonal transition from winter to spring.

1. Be Clean

I cannot stress this enough. When the sun starts shining and you find yourself outside 24/7, your skin has so many opportunities to become exposed to unwanted dirt and grime. To prevent flare-ups and breakouts, make sure you wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and consider washing your complexion morning. I’m usually an advocate for less is more—washing your face only at night during fall and winter is completely acceptable—but when warm weather hits, consider cleansing a little more regularly to make sure you’re keeping your skin as clean and fresh as possible. I also recommend picking up some facial wipes. While I’m not a fan of these for everyday use, they certainly come in handy every now and then, especially after a workout!

2. Keep Hydrated

Changes in climate, diet, alcohol consumption and increased sun exposure (What can I say? It’s grilling season!) can definitely lead to skin dehydration real fast. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and consider adding a facial mist to your purse for on-the-go self-care. A quick spritz of facial mist can help quench your skin after a long day of fun in the sun!

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3. Stay Protected

Keeping up with your sunscreen game is super important during springtime! And let me tell you, after slathering SPF on four tiny humans, it’s beyond easy to forget about it for yourself. But, DON’T! The last thing you want to do is spoil your much-needed springtime fun with painful, red skin that can lead to nasty sun damage. Need some help? Look for a high-quality lotion and use it on your face and body (no exceptions!). Oh, and don’t forget high-exposure areas like your scalp, the tops of your ears and nose—and remember to reapply every two hours! Psst...helpful hint for kids: A mousse or foam is the easiest to apply and spreads evenly.

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4. Take a Break

I’m a firm believer that it’s completely helpful and necessary to take breaks from your skincare routine from time to time! In fact, spring is a great time to “fast” from many of your skincare active ingredients. Products containing AHAs (aka, glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids), retinol and even vitamin C can increase sun sensitivity. So, I recommend either using these sparingly during the season or taking a break completely for a week or so. That being said, skincare actives are absolutely life-changing for your complexion, so if you need a handy kit to get you started, look no further than The Routine—three quick-to-absorb staples that give you everything your complexion needs, and then some!

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So, there you have it! Four quick-and-easy tips to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy in the springtime sun! I hope you’re all able to have some fun outdoors, even during this time at home. Be well and stay safe out there!


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