Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine & Embrace Low-Maintenance

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine & Embrace Low-Maintenance

It’s finally spring here in the midwest! With warmer weather on the horizon, my mind immediately zeros in on all of the outdoor activities I want to jump back into—not to mention a packed spring sports schedule for my four kids. I also love to spring clean, purge my home and transition all of our winter clothes and gear.

This time of year, I feel the need to simplify so I can do more of the things I love, like spending time outdoors or watching my kids play the sports they love.

But it’s not just my home I want to minimize and simplify. As you’re changing with the seasons, make sure your skincare does, too. It should be effective and effortless this time of year!

Here are some tips to getting the most out of your spring skincare routine, while keeping it simple and efficient…

1. Minimize Exfoliating

Ramping up exfoliation should not be a part of your spring routine. Sun and excessive exfoliating simply don’t mesh—and minimizing sun damage is essential during these warmer months.

Scale back to exfoliating one to two times a week, especially if you use glycolic acid. You can also decrease the strength of the acid you’re currently using. Fruit acids and mandelic acid are good for everyday use, but lactic and glycolic acid should be used less frequently. If you consistently use glycolic acid three times a week or more, try decreasing to lactic or mandelic acid if you want to keep up with the frequency.

Fruit acids, which are a blend of five botanical extracts (bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon), are my favorite. They’re gentle enough for daily use, but very effective when used consistently. They’re also the least likely to cause irritation and are less sun-sensitive than other acids, such as glycolic.

TL;DR: Fruit acids are the perfect exfoliating acid to use in the spring and summer months.

Product Recommendation: The Multitasker Night Serum

2. Lighten Layers

During the day, your skin shouldn’t need a heavy moisturizer. Instead, look for a lighter option that also contains at least SPF 30. You can also find a tinted one if you wear minimal makeup and want to save yourself a step.

At night, try swapping out your thicker night creams for a few drops of a face oil. The Fresh Start Face Oil contains a stabilized form of Vitamin C that helps even out skin tone while keeping your skin supple and soft.

TL;DR: Swap out heavy moisturizers for face oil and lighter lotions with SPF.

Product Recommendation: The Fresh Start Face Oil

3. Add Hydrating Serum

Fluctuating temperatures and climate changes can dehydrate your skin. Yikes! My advice? Ceramides, hyaluronic acids and glycerin all keep your skin consistently hydrated and smooth—even when the weather remains unpredictable. Plus, these ingredients will keep your skin barrier strong and resilient when the humidity and temperatures change regularly.

TL;DR: Keep your skin consistently hydrated with ceramides, hyaluronic acids and glycerin.

Product Recommendations: The Go-Getter Day Serum + The Good Day Face Cleanser

4. Incorporate Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

From allergies to temperature fluctuations, impaired barriers from the winter months and humidity—the spring season can bring a lot of inflammation to your skin, making it look irritated, red and dull.

The best anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient is Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3. Using this in a serum at night is a great way to repair the skin and decrease inflammation. Another great ingredient to reduce inflammation? Licorice root extract.

Good news: Both of these ingredients can be found in The Multitasker Night Serum, which also happens to be combined with the mild exfoliating fruit acid complex. This serum is a win-win because it helps minimize your routine all in one complete, multitasking product.

TL;DR: Add an anti-inflammatory serum with niacinamide and licorice root extract.

Product Recommendation: The Multitasker Night Serum

Spring Clean Your Skincare & Makeup

Since you’re likely already spring cleaning your home, use this time to purge and minimize your skincare and makeup, too. Here a handy checklist to get you started:

  1. Swap out heavier moisturizers and foundation for lightweight tinted SPF.
  2. Purge products that are outdated, irritating, or not giving you desired results.
  3. Add some good hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients in the mix, especially in the form of a serum or two.
  4. Swap out stronger exfoliating acids (like glycolic) for lactic, mandelic or fruit acids.
  5. Clean makeup brushes and refresh your color cosmetics with trendy, in-season, and colorful picks.


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