You Should Be Adding Antioxidants to Your 2021 Skincare Routine

You Should Be Adding Antioxidants to Your 2021 Skincare Routine

Ever heard of free radicals before? Long story short, they’re the villains of the skincare world—specifically, they’ve been found to damage healthy skin cells and create oxidative stress (read: not a good situation for your complexion).

The hero in this scenario? Antioxidants.

Environmental factors like sun, pollution, radiation and even cigarette smoke can trigger free-radical formation. Lucky for you, daily use of antioxidants can combat this oxidative damage and help reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. The happy ending? Healthy, glowing, smooth skin for years to come.

In case you don’t believe us, let’s take a look at some very good reasons why you should be adding antioxidants to your 2021 skincare routine, plus some tips and product recommendations to make it happen, stat.

5 Dermatologist-Recommended Reasons to Use Antioxidants for Your Skin 

    1. Evens skin tone. Regular use of antioxidants can help combat sun damage, which produces pigmentation issues. Antioxidants like Vitamin C work to inhibit melanin production, as well.
    2. Reduces inflammation. Antioxidants like Niacinamide have been known to reduce inflammation and allow skin to repair itself. This is the perfect antioxidant to add to your regimen if you struggle with breakouts or redness.
    3. Helps prevent sunburn. Yep, you read that right—adding antioxidants to your daily routine can actually make your sunscreen work better. Translation: swipe on some antioxidants in the morning before applying your SPF (oh, and consider this your friendly reminder to please wear sunscreen daily!).
    4. Helps combat signs of aging. Oxidative stress breaks down collagen, which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Regular use of antioxidants can build collagen and possibly even correct signs of aging (score!).
    5. Acts as a pollution defense. Big bummer: environmental factors can trigger free-radical formation (cue the collective moaning and groaning). But have no fear! Using antioxidants daily in your skincare can help to combat skin damage from pollution—aka, the main contributor of environmental stressors.

How to Add Antioxidants to Your Skin, Plus the Best Antioxidant Skincare Product to Use

In general, the best time to add antioxidants to your routine is in the morning. Why? Simply put, you’ll receive the biggest benefit of preventing free radical damage from sun and pollution.

That being said, there are a few antioxidants that are best to use at night. We know—so confusing. To make it easy on you, here’s a quick breakdown of when to use which type of antioxidants:

  • Morning: Vitamin C, Vitamin E
  • Night: Niacinamide, Vitamin A

And then there’s the plant-based antioxidant superstars that can be added in either night or day:

  • Morning or Night: Resveratrol, Kakadu Plum, Green Tea, Turmeric, Super Berries

So, now that you know when to apply these amazing free-radical saviors, which products should you use? If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to add antioxidants to your skincare routine, try The Go-Getter Day Serum. It’s packed with antioxidants, including stabilized Vitamin C and plant-based antioxidant extracts like watermelon, Kakadu plum, cucumber, ginseng and avocado. Combined with peptides and hydrating hyaluronic acid, think of this little bottle as your partner in crime in fighting pollution and free radical damage.

Have any experience using antioxidants in your skincare routine? Leave a comment below with your favorite products and tips!


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