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3 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Skin for a Healthy Summer Glow

Posted by Sarah Otto on
3 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Skin for a Healthy Summer Glow

A new season is on its way, which means it’s time to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. Unlike winter, summer is a little kinder to your skin, giving you that dreamy, healthy glow—the perfect opportunity to ditch the heavy makeup and moisturizers! That being said, the harsh summer sun and blazing temps shouldn’t be ignored. Sun damage, hyperpigmentation, peeling, breakouts, and dehydration are a thing—so we have to deal. Keep scrolling for three easy tips to prepare and protect your complexion for a dewy, even, natural look.

1. Sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Protecting your skin from the sun should be your number-one priority this summer. At the very least, use SPF 30 on your face and reapply sunscreen when you’re in direct sunlight, on vacation or at the pool (I love a good powder sunscreen for my face or combining it with a tinted moisturizer to save a step!). Go the extra mile by adding antioxidants to your daytime skincare regimen. Not only does it help your sunscreen work better, it also fights against damage from pollution and environmental stress. And finally, protect your skin barrier by pairing down your routine this summer. Be more cautious with products containing AHAs, BHAs, fruit acids and retinol—in fact, go ahead and limit them to night, or even just a few times a week.

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2. Hydration is essential.

Even though it’s summer—you still need to hydrate. As most of us know, harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dehydration. Layering on moisturizer, serum and oil is a no-brainer during this time! But dehydration still happens during the summer, so be sure to add a solid hyaluronic acid serum to your regimen, or use a cleanser with ceramides. Lightweight face oils are also a good bet in the summer—simplify your regimen by choosing products that multitask, like our hydrating Fresh Start Face Oil (bonus: it also contains a robust 20% brightening Vitamin C). Lastly, leave the drying, heavy makeup behind and lighten up with a creamy highlighter, bright lip gloss and cheek tint.

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3. Keep breakouts under control.

It’s important to keep your skin clean in the summer months when it’s more prone to sweat. You may need to increase cleansing to both morning and night if you normally do it once a day. If you suffer from regular breakouts, you might want to add an exfoliating product that contains salicylic, glycolic or fruit acids—just be sure to use these products exclusively at night and wear sunscreen during the day. Breakouts on your body, especially the upper back, are also common, so adding a cleanser with salicylic acid or sulfur may be necessary. Lastly, a spot treatment, like all-natural manuka honey, may help, too.

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Love summer skincare routines as much as we do? Leave a comment below with your favorite tips.

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