I Woke Up Like This: Your Minimalist Guide to Flawless Summer Makeup

I Woke Up Like This: Your Minimalist Guide to Flawless Summer Makeup

Now that summer is right around the corner, I’m getting majorly excited to finally go outdoors. The sunny skies. The long, warm days and relaxing summer nights. Oh, and don’t forget about ice cream! I mean, who has time for anything else?

Because I’m spending 99.9% of my time outside during the summer, one thing I typically never prioritize is makeup. I’m already *super* minimal when it comes to applying makeup, but the few products I do use are multipurpose, light, shimmery and carefree. During the warm months, I typically ditch a heavier foundation for a lightly tinted SPF and add a bit of color and shimmer with fun products like an eyeshadow or lip gloss. I also love to keep my eyebrows full and defined, but tend to leave the mascara behind—who knows if we’ll end up at the pool or outdoors hiking (um, no thanks, racoon eyes!).

Not to mention, I love any product in the summer that travels easily and follows my less-is-more lifestyle. That’s why my current obsession is Milk Makeup’s Lip + Cheek Tint, because it has a light color that’s perfect for brightening all over.

And don’t even get me started on skincare! My advice? Even though the weather is changing, stay consistent with your routine, and be sure to opt for products that are multitasking and simple to use. Enter: The Go-Getter Day Serum—a lightweight, hydrating serum packed with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, tripeptide-5 and botanical antioxidants that fight pollution, boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen, and prep + soften your skin for the summer days ahead (but more on this later!).

So, are you ready to achieve the ultimate laid-back summer look? Keep scrolling for my current minimalistic makeup faves!

The Go-Getter Day Serum ($74)

This lightweight serum glides on seamlessly without that obnoxious heavy or sticky feeling. The Go-Getter boosts moisture and helps fight off pollutants and free radicals your skin might experience throughout the day. Plus, our hand-picked blend of botanical antioxidants also helps your sunscreen work even better, so it’s great to apply before SPF! The bottom line? This magic in a bottle is the simple, healthy boost your skin routine needs every single day.

Versed Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 ($21.99)

This ultra-sheer mineral sunscreen offers protection against both UVA and UVB. Bonus: it also contains an antioxidant blend that reduces the effects of blue light or electronic pollution from screen time! Even better? Its creamy, light texture never leaves a white residue, which means you’re in for a more natural-looking finish (we’ll take five, please!).

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Tint in Berry ($28)

This two-in-one lip + cheek tint is the ultimate multitasker for all your makeup needs—plus, this easy-to-travel tube makes it *so* much fun to throw into your bag and get on with your day! In addition to Milk Makeup’s swoon-worthy bright berry color, this formula is also super hydrating (you can thank mango butter and avocado oil for that!). It’s creamy, sheer and perfect for summer!

Glossier Lidstar in Moon ($18)

This soft, glistening eyeshadow glow is just the right balance of subtle shimmer and soft color. Glossier’s Lidstar glides on without creases (say what?!) and wears all day long. I love the Moon shade because it works for every day, without ever looking overdone.

PYT Defining Brow Pencil ($12)

This no-BS makeup line is revolutionizing the meaning of clean beauty in the makeup world! I love PYT’s Defining Brow Pencil because it has a dual tip that helps tame your brows with a quality brush before gliding on soft color. Total transparency: The oval tip fills in my brows more naturally than other brow pencils I’ve ever tried. This nourishing vitamin E infused pencil has my brows looking great with very little effort, which is perfect for my summer beauty routine. A must-try!

Saint Jane Lip Shine in Alchemy ($28)

This sheer lip oil is the perfect balance of hydration and subtle shimmer. I love the Alchemy shade because it’s bright, carefree, and sophisticated all in one. Plus, Saint Jane’s nutrient lip oil combines full-spectrum CBD with calming sunflower oil, aloe and chamomile. Minimal ingredients with a luxury feel will have this fun, shimmery lip oil a definite favorite all summer long!


Summer this year might not look exactly like those in years past. But I’m still determined to make it fun and memorable for my four kids! We love being spontaneous in the warmer months—from day hikes to berry picking, picnics to long bike rides, and everything in between. Choosing makeup that’s simple, bright and multitasking not only helps minimize my beauty routine, it prioritizes our adventures all summer long (and I hope it can do the same for you, too!).


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