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When We Say Ethically Made, We Mean It.

Posted by Sarah Otto on
When We Say Ethically Made, We Mean It.

With a market oversaturated with millions of products, it's difficult to know what your skin actually needs. Which product is right for you? Which ingredients should you be using? And more importantly, is your skincare safe?

In more recent years, consumers (that’s you!) are becoming more and more interested in skincare brands using ethical practices—ones that reflect and resonate with their own philosophy and lifestyles.

At Otto Skin Goods, we formulate our products using high percentages of vitamin C, niacinamide, fruit acids, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. But what sets us apart from other skincare lines is our ability to concisely curate formulations with active and plant-based ingredients, which are independently spread throughout our line of products. We call this single note formulating—a revolutionary, responsible way to formulate skincare that gets results with low risk of irritation or allergies.

Our mission is to create skincare that simply works—ones that are gentle enough to use every day. But it doesn’t stop there. When we say “ethically made,” we mean it. See for yourself…

Free from harsh, allergenic and sensitizing ingredients

To us, safety means not only avoiding harmful ingredients, but reducing allergy risk and correctly utilizing active ingredients. Our ingredients are vetted for potential harm, allergy, irritation, compatibility and necessary percentage—only then is an active or plant-based ingredient added to one of our products.

Otto Skin Goods is focused on blending ingredients to achieve specific results at just the right time of day. We believe that many skin issues are a result of sensitized or reactive skin, caused by harsh and improper use of both active and botanical ingredients.

No animal testing + low environmental impact.

  1. Our products are never tested on animals because we test them on ourselves, friends and brand ambassadors. Plus, we’re always ready to pivot, improve and update our products whenever research, science or a friendly recommendation requires us to.
  2. We use glass packaging whenever possible because we believe this is better for animals and the environment.
  3. We are careful with the selection of our ingredients and avoid anything that is either sourced unethically or harmful to the environment once rinsed off.

Family-owned and made in the USA.

When it comes to almost all of our business needs, we strive to support other local and small businesses whenever possible. For example, we seek out local designers, web builders, packaging, social media management, copy, photography and marketing.

Supporters of slow beauty and growth.

  1. We hand-pick influencers and require them to actually use our products and actually like them before posting.
  2. We are slowly growing our social media following with thoughtful content, educational blogs and purposeful interaction.
  3. We choose models that represent real life, many of which are personal friends.
  4. We are careful with our language and try to take a positive, encouraging view of beauty and age. We are not into anti-aging, overnight results, empty promises or unrealistic claims.
100% free from ingredient list

If you have any other questions regarding our ethics and practices here at Otto Skin Goods, leave a comment below! Or, simply reach out to us directly by filling out the form here.

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