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Your Skincare Routine Should Be Continuously Improving & Evolving—Not Multiplying

Posted by Sarah Otto on
Your Skincare Routine Should Be Continuously Improving & Evolving—Not Multiplying

At Otto Skin Goods, we strive to be a skincare brand that prioritizes improvement over creating more.

Don’t get me wrong, new products are great (heck, we’re even launching a new cleanser soon!)—but habitually developing and introducing products can be confusing and completely unnecessary.

True, ingredients and science are always advancing, which is a great thing! But instead of cluttering your routine with more of the latest advancements, we’re committed to simply improving what we already have with these newfound discoveries. As a minimalist skincare advocate, we’re all about ‘less, but better.’ We want your products to be smart, effective and simple to use. You don’t need dozens of ingredients or products for your skin to be healthy. 

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to your skin’s needs (think: genetics, sun or pollution damage, climate and lifestyle, just to name a few). The solution? Using complete, well-formulated products designed to help your skin function better are guaranteed to give you the best results.

Our products are formulated to help with common skin issues like dehydration, pigmentation, breakouts and dull or lackluster complexions—but what makes our products even better is that they’re designed for either morning or evening. This ensures you’re using the best ingredients for your skin at the right time of day. This also reduces the number of products layered on your skin, keeping your routine simple and straightforward.

Simplicity Meets Improvement

In two weeks, we’ll be launching an upgraded website, as well as restocking our refreshed products with both improved packaging and tweaked formulations. This is our ongoing commitment to be the best, most simplistic skincare routine for your every day. Sure, we could’ve added toners, masks or the latest trend—but we’re confident in our three-product routine, and we think you’re going to love our little upgrades. Here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks:

Better Formulations

  1. Preservative upgrade to benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid. Naturally derived from plants and fruits, this effective, broad-spectrum preservative has been approved for safety by both European regulations and Whole Foods standards. Plus, it’s vegan, eco-certified, non-GMO and not tested on animals.
  2. Niacinamide upgraded to Niacinamide PC. Niacinamide PC is an upgraded form of niacinamide to reduce the risk of side effects, like sensations of heat in the skin.
  3. Licorice Root Extract added to The Multitasker Night Serum. This extract is a multi-functional botanical known for its anti-aging properties that stimulate cell regeneration. The polysaccharides, triterpene saponins and flavonoids contained in this extract inhibit tyrosinase skin, reducing the appearance of discoloration.
  4. Increased Glucono Delta Lactone in The Multitasker Night Serum. This well tolerated, antioxidant-rich PHA mildly exfoliates to improve skin texture and tone. It’s also very hydrating! Perfect for sensitive skin types and gentle enough for daily use.
  5. Increased Tripeptide-5 in The Go-Getter Day Serum. These skin-loving amino acids help activate tissue growth and stimulate collagen synthesis. Tripeptide-5 has been found to improve the appearance of fine lines and aged skin, while offering skin-firming, moisturizing properties.
  6. Improved viscosity in The Go-Getter and The Multitasker. This enhanced texture was achieved by increasing the percentage of propanediol and the use of non-GMO glycerin. This slightly thicker texture will allow you to use less product with better performance!

Better Packaging

So many amazing upgrades! For one, our new glass bottles are a bit heavier, so they’re less prone to breakage—and even better, our new high-quality droppers eliminate any separation or leakage issues. Plus, we’ve increased the size from 1 oz to 1.2 oz! Now your serums and oil should last up to 3-4 months, which will ultimately cut down on the environmental impacts of frequent shipping. Lastly, our paper cartons are now FSC® recycled paper—which means they’re made from responsibly sourced wood fiber!

What Hasn’t Changed:

  • Results-driven formulations
  • Our commitment to a minimal routine
  • Sustainability standards
  • Cruelty free
We strongly believe in making the most of what we’ve already created instead of simply adding more products to your routine. When you give us feedback, you'll find that your suggestions may be implemented into each fresh batch of products. Why? Because high standards are only achieved through continuous improvement over time. When we *do* add a new product, it’s because that particular part of your routine can’t be achieved with what we already have (hint, hint—a cleanser!). We are so incredibly excited for you to experience these upgrades that we’ve worked tirelessly to achieve over the past year. Thank you for your continuous support in our journey to make this dream a reality!

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