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Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine: 5 Tips to Refresh Your Vanity & Your Complexion

Posted by Sarah Otto on
Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine: 5 Tips to Refresh Your Vanity & Your Complexion

As the weather warms up every year, I always feel the need to deep clean, refresh, and purge my home. My usual routine includes sorting out closets, replacing heavy winter clothes with lighter summer wear, as well as cleaning out pantries and storage areas—yep, even the garage.

One area I never forget to renew and refresh? My bathroom.

This is a great time to get rid of skincare, soap, old toothpaste and bathroom items that are expired or no longer used. I then replace them with products that are more minimal and multitasking.

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean your skincare routine. As the temperatures rise, your skin doesn’t require as many products to keep it healthy and fresh. Plus, many of you are already preparing your entire home for the warm months ahead. What a perfect opportunity to pare down to ‘less-but-better’ products and ingredients!

Need a hand? Keep scrolling for five tips to help you upgrade your skincare routine for spring.

1. Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

First things first: sorting and purging. You might already be busy spring-cleaning your home, which makes this an ideal time to sort through your skincare products. Begin by checking expiration dates. If anything is past its prime—or more than a year old—get rid of it. Next, be honest with yourself. Do you really use some of these products? Don’t be afraid to toss (or give away!) anything that’s not a part of your regular routine.

Once your products are condensed, make sure makeup brushes are sanitized, then collect everything into one drawer or bin. Take inventory of what products don’t work that well and try upgrading them to one or two products that might work better. Next, check the ingredients. Make sure you’re not layering on similar actives in multiple products—this might lead to irritation. Lastly, evaluate whether you’re using extra products that might be unnecessary (think: toners, mists, eye creams, masks and spot treatments). Instead, choose one to three multitasking products that can replace multiple products in your routine.

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2. Start Exfoliating

Spring is the perfect time to add a light exfoliator to your routine—this helps reinvigorate your skin from those long winter months. Try a gentle exfoliating serum like The Multitasker Night Serum. It contains 15% fruit acids that gently exfoliate using naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids. These AHAs refresh your complexion, leaving it brighter and more revitalized. A serum and/or a gentle physical exfoliating facial scrub are probably the best at reviving dull, winter skin.

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3. Minimize Your Makeup

The sun is finally coming out, which means you’ll be naturally glowing from head to toe in no time. Try adding multitasking makeup like a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a lip and cheek tint. Spring is a great time to ditch the heavy foundation and eye makeup for a more simple, fresh look. Choose colors that are subtle and bright with a touch of simmer!

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4. Swap Out Heavy Moisturizers

Layering on heavy moisturizers during the warmer months isn’t always necessary. Try lightening up with either a water-based hydrating serum, like The Go-Getter Day Serum, or The Fresh Start Face Oil. Remember: Sunscreen is essential (SPF 30 is sufficient for the face). Combine your sunscreen with either your tinted moisturizer or try a powder sunscreen to decrease the number of ingredients you’re using on your skin.

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5. Get Outside for Some Fresh Air

Exercising is key to a healthier you, so why not do it outdoors? Not to mention, fresh air—and yes, even the sun—are wonderful for your skin. Get outside for a hike, soccer games, yard work and more. Enjoy yourself as the weather warms up, and your skin will benefit, too!

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